Recent releases

  • Virtual Keyboard control added
  • multiple plots and gauges in Dashboard control
  • candlestick charts
  • improved charts in reports and spreadsheets
  • export charts to PDF and SVG
  • FreeFormNode shows free-form drawing
  • convert free-form drawings to ShapeNodes
  • spreadsheets support zooming
The new features are:

  • FreeFormNode shows free-form drawing
  • convert free-form drawings to ShapeNodes
  • LinkLabel edit events
  • improved TableNode column and row resize
  • fix for TreeViewNode scrollbar
The new features are:

  • Zoom property zooms the spreadsheet
  • new Candlestick chart type
  • BarOverlayed and ColumnOverlayed charts
  • new legend position types
  • improved chart layout when resizing
The new features are:

  • free-form drawing, FreeFormNode class
  • adjustment handles for formula shapes
  • undo / redo records for in-place edit
  • improved links' Center text style
  • fix for links to nested folded containers
  • AdjustmentHandle class for handles
  • free-form drawing
  • convert free-form to ShapeNode
  • fold icon in ContainerNode
  • AdjustmentHandle class for handles
  • selection moves unconnected links
  • improved dash-frame default colors
  • multiple axes in chart control
  • 3D chart control improvements
  • free-form drawing in diagram control
  • resize TableNode columns and rows
  • shape formula control points
  • BarcodeLabel control added to pack
  • barcodes in diagrams and reports
  • zoom control can be used with MapView
  • recurrence interactivity in calendar
We have released Virtual Keyboard controls for Windows Forms and WPF. They can be used to implement text input in touch-only user interfaces such as POS, Kiosk or industrial systems, or as accessibility tools in traditional desktop applications.
MindFusion.Diagramming for Xamarin has been released. You can use it to create interactive flow diagrams in Xamarin applications for iOS and Android. The library includes most of the item types and layout algorithms from desktop diagramming.dll assembly. License keys for MindFusion.Diagramming Pack work for Xamarin control too.
The new features are:

  • new data model
  • new rendering model
  • dashboard
  • export to PDF and SVG
  • candlestick charts
The new features are:

  • resize table columns and rows
  • load XML shape libraries
  • NodeListView.Orientation property
  • TooltipDelay property
  • Backspace deletes items on Mac
  • set color of text outlines
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