Recent releases

The new features are:

  • custom axis origin
  • borders around data labels
  • data labels background
  • SimpleSeries.ToolTips property
The new features are:

  • win2D renderer for UWP
  • optional scrollbars i/o panning
  • underlined text
  • ImagePadding property
  • CSV importer fixes
  • Xamarin.Forms 4.4 /.NETStandard 2
The new features are:

  • dynamic layout in standard forms
  • ESC in formula bar cancels editing
  • click-select merged cells fix
  • fixed rendering of wrapped cell text
  • override cell navigation
  • resizeRowsToFit with merged cells
The new features are:

  • Composite nodes in Canvas mode
  • animated diagram layout
  • export diagrams to Excel format
  • FlowchartLayout in Canvas mode
  • path finding in Canvas mode
  • SlippyTiles mode in Map control
The new features are:

  • JSON Serialization
  • new Reminder properties
  • CompactItemLanes fix
  • dedicated .NET 4.5+ assemblies
The new features are:

  • JSON Serialization
  • createDiagramLink overload for tree-views
  • Overview control improvements
The new features are:

  • range selector component
  • JSON serialization
  • GetFirstDate, GetFirstVisibleDate methods
  • GetLastDate, GetLastVisibleDate methods
  • ShowPaddingItems property
The new features are:

  • Shape components for CompositeNode
  • JSON serialization server side
  • containerChildAdding in hierarchy
  • ContainerNode.Arrange server side
  • LayeredLayout stable sorting
The new features are:

  • VideoNode plays video in diagram
  • Video component for templated nodes
  • DiagramView component for React
  • DiagramView component for Vue.js
  • DiagramView component for Angular
The new features are:

  • .NET Core assemblies (beta)
  • item animations
  • ContainerNode.Arrange method
  • animated layouts
  • customizable font in ZoomControl
  • JSON Serialization
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